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Why choose us?

From attending networking events to registering on trade websites, almost all businesses struggle to find promising opportunities as well as trust-worthy vendors. From unending follow-ups to inevitable dead-ends, random references and bulk leads only lead up to disappointments. This is where Leads Harbor can hand-hold your business towards efficient business development and vendor creation.
Leads Harbor is an intelligent B2C Lead sales company that has created a perfect marketplace where we help businesses identify & allocate high quality verified leads for their business in real-time.
Looking for vendors? Post a lead.
Looking for opportunities? Buy a lead.
The process is simple and the results? Rewarding!

Here’s why:
1. We purely focus on B2C segment
No distractions, total focus on relevant leads on the go!

3. Quick sale, quicker bucks for your lead
Sold your lead through Leads Harbor? Have your sale value credited to your account as soon as you complete the transaction. Quickest crediting, guaranteed!

5. Lead doesn’t connect? We’ll get it replaced
In the unlikely case of a lead not getting connected to the source it promises, we will have it replaced as per terms & conditions

7. Facilitated payment to ensure maximum security
Through our credible and secure portal, your transactions remain safe and authentic.

9. Pay for what you buy
You don't have to pay for any lead generation process. Simply buy leads as per your requirements and be assured.

11. A plan to match every pocket
Irrespective of the size of your business, you will have exciting packages to buy leads from day one. Make the most of every penny you spend.
2. Fresh 100% Verified leads in REAL time
We’re always working to filter and assess quality leads so you can access them anytime, sitting anywhere.

4. Save time with Quality Qualified leads
Spend less time pursuing and more time delivering work with our thorough checks and assessment

6. One lead, one buyer!
Focused leads, facilitated conversations and guaranteed closures with fair practices. No selling of the same lead to different people thereby reducing the chances of conversion.

8. Escrow service for complete hand-holding
Wise advisors and facilitators to keep the interests of both parties involved in a transaction. It’s a win-win for all!

10. Total contact- quick results
Get directly in touch with the client from the initial stage to expedite closures and close deals quicker.

12. Don’t want to interact? Let us outsource
We do the talking, you do the delivering. Have opportunities available to start delivering immediately
Why Leads Harbour

"Leads are the metric, that as marketers, we need to rely on. Because leads mean money."
- Kipp Bodnar
Leads Harbour is an intelligent B2C lead sales company that has created a perfect marketplace where we help businesses allocate high quality verified leads for their business in real-time.
We understand the growing significance of high quality leads for businesses. Not being able to find quality leads, losing time over irrelevant low quality leads. We have all been there.
That is what inspired us to create a marketplace where you will find 100% Fresh Verified leads.

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